Friday, February 20, 2009

Metroid, Demonslayer and Desert Son

Here is a trio of subjects for your viewing pleasure.

This first set of images is a character from a story that I am developing, or rather have been developing for a number of years - yes, I guess I'm that slow-.

This image is from a 2006 sketchbook.  I really like how the structure on this one turned out.

This image I sketched in photoshop using a WACOM tablet.  I was taking a design class at Michigan State University, and needed an illustration for a book advertisement I was working on.  This is the sketch I used for one of the possible ideas that I had.
This image was also a sketch done in Photoshop.  I was trying to work out some possible panel ideas for a sequential project I was wanting to do.I particularly like the expression on the face of the woman.
This next set of two images were done by me with Ball Point pen, Prismacolor marker and hilighter.  I was sitting at work and had just seen Khary Randolph's metroid illustration, and loved it so much I wanted doodle my own.

Nowhere near as good as Khary's, but I think they have a nice energy about them.

Here is an old set of sketches I did 10 years ago for an old Top Cow Message Board contest.  An artist was calling for drawings that he wanted to add to his book DEMONSLAYER.  Here are some doodles I don't think I ever made into a finished thing.

Comments are always appreciated.

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